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That's Life wants to fill a void in the Hungarian market, as there is currently no entertainment platform for the 16-24 age group that is both relaxed, trendy, educational and community-building in its own right.
It does not intend to become a mere tabloid or educational platform, rather it strives to be a bridge between colorful contents, culture, science, psychology, art sectors and all other areas that interest the youth and can broaden their horizons, and can provide added value and relaxation.
That is why, in its language and content presentation, it uses tools that young people can identify with and feel they belong to. Boulevard tasteful, history colorful, literature exciting, parties interesting, dance spectacular, music catchy, sexuality without taboos, science digestible, emotions with sufficient seriousness - just a few of the portal's slogans.
The contents of the text, video, photo, and social media interfaces follow the needs and interests of young people, and they try to provide news and new knowledge. The other goal is to build an exciting, open and valuable community where it is good to belong and where it is worth spending quality time.

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