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As a public education portal, SuliLife ( first-hand, with the professional support of the Office of Education, guides young people, teenagers and their parents in the maze of career choice and everyday high school life. Our aim is to help and support the best choice as a portal that directly addresses young people who are preparing for high school, who are about to choose a secondary education institution and their parents, as well as students who are already in high school, with our own topics that concern them. We focus on the learning issues important to this age group and the preparation options, so that at the end of the journey, progressing to university can be a main goal. In addition to all of this, we also offer interesting and entertaining content, game and sports ideas, and board game presentations, taking into account parental considerations.

By focusing on useful pastimes, we try to provide relevant answers to health and spiritual questions tailored to the children, accordingly we deal with learning difficulties and special educational needs, but also with talent management along these lines.


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