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The Nógrád County Newspaper has been "The Newspaper" in Nógrád County for decades. He was able to maintain his role as a leading messenger even during the economic downturn of the county after the change of regime, by trying to meet the expectations of readers at all times. This is still the case today, when the paper is experiencing its latest heyday. It strengthened its most valuable county information pages, expanded its content with new thematic, regional and city pages that are important and interesting for readers, a strengthened sports section, and also treats its readers to new magazines with a different theme every day.
As the county's most important news source, it not only informs about the public life of the county, but is also an active part of it, trying to use its own opportunities and fame to help the daily life of its readers. As a result of all this, your old subscribers are starting to return, and more and more new readers are joining them.

In addition to the comprehensive county content, its news is also about national and international events, which, enriched with the magazine's content, will hold the readers' attention for a long time and entice them to return often. A particularly popular part is the sports section that gives a complete picture of the county's sports, the photo galleries and, of course, the frequently updated local news content.

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