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Profile program recommendation and information online portal with completely new content and a spectacular appearance.
The renewed portal edited from Siófok, Keszthely, Balatonfüred and Budapest helps its users with unique, geolocation-based solutions in the fastest possible personalized search. With the GPS turned on, it immediately recognizes which site the visitor is in, for example, in which town on the shores of Lake Balaton, where he is looking for a program, a restaurant or even a good beach.
Visitors to - in addition to being able to find out about the latest local news and information about Balaton transport - also have the opportunity to search in a settlement other than their current location, or even in the entire Balaton region. takes account of user habits and adapts itself primarily to the needs of mobile phone visitors, but it also provides a maximum experience on other digital platforms (computer, tablet).
The site is supported by a background database of thousands of Balaton leisure programs, festivals, attractions, and services, which is constantly expanding.
The new portal is clean, transparent and reader-friendly, with an easy-to-understand column structure.
On the site, for every offer - be it a program, a beach, a restaurant or even a tobacco shop - you can find the data required for route planning, based on which they can be accessed with a single click.

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